The Truth on Stylized Shoots

Seattle Wedding Photographer with Bride and Groom

It seems the latest craze with wedding photographers in Seattle is Stylized Shoots. We'd love to tell you a little about stylized shoots and why you will want to be weary of a photographer whose portfolio is comprised mainly of stylized shoots.

So what is a Stylized Shoot?

Stylized Shoots are group events where different photographers get together to photograph brides and grooms (who are not really brides and grooms, but models) in a practice environment. What is appealing with stylized shoots is the ability to create stunning and breathtaking photographers with beautiful models and picturesque landscapes. Basically, it's bringing your subjects into a desirable scene and photographing them under very controlled conditions. The results are magazine quality photographs that are stunning. Many photographers use these types of events to build their portfolio while under the direction of a credentialed master photographer.

But the question is - can this precision be duplicated at a real wedding; with real timelines and deadlines?

So what's the problem?

While everybody wants the best wedding pictures, a stylized shoot is significantly different than a real wedding in many ways. And if you are considering hiring a photographer for your wedding, whether in the Seattle area or other places around Washington State, make sure their portfolio consists mainly of real weddings, and not stylized shoots. Or, if their portfolio consists mainly of stylized shoots, make sure you ask to view REAL weddings they've photographers. Here's why.

And in case you are wondering - every picture on our website is from a REAL wedding, not a stylized shoot.

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